We build with future generations in mind, striving to make the Mostostal Pulawy brand associated only with top-level performance and professional services provided to investors at all levels of collaboration.

Mostostal Pulawy S.A. as a general contractor performs objects in the following market segments: traffic infrastructure, volume construction, industrial installations, power energy and environmental protection, incineration plants.
Construction and assembly services provided by Mostostal Pulawy: production and assembly of steel structures including acid-resistant and alloy steel, fitting technological installations, machinery and equipment in plants operating in various industries...
Mostostal Pulawy S.A. has a highly qualified team of welders who possess UDT, SLV and TÜV licences. Welding services provided: metal-arc welding with covered electrode, flux-cored wire metal-arc welding without gas shield...
Mostostal Pulawy S.A. provides specialist crane services in the whole country. Lifting capacity is between 10t and 100t. We have a qualified staff and modern equipment (car cranes, off-road cranes, caterpillar cranes, tower cranes, basket lifts, telescopic lifts).
The Company’s export operations are developing dynamically. Since the early years export has played a significant role in its business. In the early days this was down to delegating staff to the export structures of Mostostal Warsaw...
Non-destructive Tests Laboratory conducts the following examinations: using non-destructive methods ( radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic-powder, penetrative and visual), using destructive methods: mechanical, strength and metallographic.


“The key to the success of any company are its people” – this motto sets the direction for the HR policy adapted by Mostostal Pulawy.

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Over its 50 years’ operation Mostostal Pulawy has achieved the position of one of the best construction companies in Poland. The company is also a well-known and valued contractor in foreign markets.

The Company

Mostostal Pulawy S.A. is an important enterprise in the construction market, specialising in producing and assembling steel constructions and in industrial construction work.